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Surrounding Forest

August 20, 2013

~ Surrounding Forest ~

This large boulder is one of many along the Red River, in the Red River Gorge. I had photographed this particular boulder a few years ago, with a different composition. The image created a few years ago is hanging in the Saint Joseph Hospital in London, KY

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Two Image Day

August 19, 2013




Today was a good day of shooting. I usually don't come home with two keepers from the same day. These were shot at the Broke Leg Falls area which was devastated by a tornado in March 2012. I originally had a third shot included in this post. But the more I looked at the image the less I liked it. So it was removed from the original post.

New KGAC Building

August 07, 2013

Check out the Kentucky Guild of Artists and Craftsmen's new building at 116 North Broadway in Berea, KY. If you are in the area, stop by for a visit. There is a lot of beautiful art for sale in the gallery by KGAC artists. 


Kentucky Guild of Artists and Craftsmen  ~

Triple Layer

July 31, 2013

~ Triple Layer ~

A beautiful creek to photograph in Kentucky is "Silver Creek". A couple of days ago, late in the evening I could be found doing exactly that. Wearing my chest waders, I maneuvered my way across the creek and positioned myself in this area. The three separate layers of rock and the small cascades each layer was producing drew me to that portion of the creek.

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